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"Menopause was wreaking havoc on my body. Thanks to Keto AI I lost 25 pounds, gained mental clarity, and my menopause symptoms vanished!"

Linda S. Portland, Oregon

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Why Keto AI?

Keto AI is an innovative technology that employs artificial intelligence to formulate personalized keto diet plans, specifically tailored to align with your unique body composition, lifestyle, and preferences. Through an intuitive quiz, the AI deeply understands your needs and preferences, ensuring a truly personalized and effective plan for you.

Effortless Weight Loss with Personalized Keto Plans
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Effortless Weight Loss & Tasty Meals Are Just a Click Away...

Discover the revolutionary Keto AI, your ultimate 8-week personalized plan that makes weight loss easy, enjoyable, and delivers quick results like never before!

Personalized Plan: Tailored to your unique body composition, lifestyle, and preferences, making weight loss a breeze.
Quick & Noticeable Results: Experience visible changes within the first few weeks of using Keto AI, motivating you to keep going!
AI-Driven Precision: The cutting-edge AI technology deeply understands your needs, ensuring a personalized and effective plan just for you.
Gourmet Keto Meals: Enjoy a collection of delightful, keto-friendly recipes with virtual cooking classes by expert chefs.
Continuous Support: Stay motivated with weekly emails, 30-minute coaching calls, and a supportive community on your weight loss journey!

Thankfully, I discovered Keto AI and it has been a game changer. I've lost 20 pounds, gained lean muscle, and restored my confidence.

Emily K.

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4.8 based on 1000+ reviews

What our clients have to say

With thousands of success stories, Keto AI is the one tool you need to finally succeed on Keto!

Ashley Browne

I cannot express my gratitude enough for Keto AI. The program has been nothing short of remarkable, helping me to lose weight while controlling a medical issue with seizures. It's been a life saver and I'm so glad I signed up!

Linda Calders

Keto AI has been a real lifeline. Their tailored program has helped me lose 15 pounds, boost my energy levels, and regain control over my body. And their meal plans are delicious and easy to make.

Why choose Keto AI?

Keto AI Includes everything you need to succeed with your weight loss... no matter what you've tried in the past.

Transform Your Life with Keto AI: Your Personalized 8-Week Plan for Effortless Weight Loss!

Experience the joy of a custom meal plan, delicious recipes, and a supportive community, all paving your way to successful weight loss.

Unlock the Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss: Keto AI's Intuitive AI Technology Sets You Up for Success!

Say goodbye to diet frustrations with your tailored meal plans, intermittent fasting guidance, and quick-to-follow recipe videos

Empower Your Weight Loss Journey: Keto AI's Expertly Crafted Plan and Interactive Features Lead the Way!

Get ready to conquer weight loss with our fast food replacements, weekly grocery lists, and expert cooking classes.

Elevate Your Weight Loss Experience: Keto AI Delivers Personalization, Support, and Guaranteed Results!

Fuel your transformation with customized breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans, while our community cheers you on.

Achieve Your Dream Body with Keto AI: Your All-In-One Solution for Lasting Weight Loss!

Enjoy the ease of an AI-driven plan, free intermittent fasting guide, and scrumptious recipes at your fingertips.

Automate your weight loss with this breakthrough AI technology

8 Week Custom Keto Plan Designed For You

4.8 based on 1000+ reviews

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Order today for only $97 $8.00.  This special offer expires soon so grab it now. It's time to lose as much weight as you can in just 8 easy weeks for only $1.00/ week!

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As a 53 year old Mom and full time caregiver to my autistic son, Keto AI was exactly what I needed. Thanks to this program I have successfully shed 41 pounds, going from 163 lbs. to 122 lbs.

T Daisy

Order Now & Get These 10 Free Bonuses


Dine-Out Keto Upgrade:

Inside your Keto AI software, you'll find a magic button that says "Restaurant Replacement". Tap on it whenever you want to swap a home-cooked meal with a dine-out option. In an instant, the AI will present you with restaurant food choices that align with your macros and calorie needs while keeping you on track with your fat loss goal. It’s like your personal dining wizard!


Virtual Cooking Class

Join an online cooking session that's all about whipping up tasty, keto-friendly delicacies. Learn from one of our expert in-house chefs as they reveal their secret recipes to make every meal a gourmet delight.


The Handy Keto Cheat Sheet

A compact reference sheet to remind you of the keto must-dos and no-nos, macros, and more. Ideal for when you're on vacation or just want to ensure you’re not straying too far from the keto path.


AI-Generated Keto Shopping List

Shopping for groceries is a breeze with Keto AI. Every week, you can download a custom-made grocery list directly from your account. It’s based 100% on your personalized meal plans, listing down every ingredient you need and the precise quantity. This nifty tool not only simplifies shopping but also helps you save money by making sure you buy only what you need!


Private 30-Minute Coaching Call

Get a one-on-one session with a seasoned keto coach who will help you hit the ground running and resolve any questions They will also evaluate your current goals and provide guidance to ensure you stick to your plan and achieve your targets.


Keto Exercise Handbook

An all-encompassing guide outlining the most effective exercises tailored to boost your keto diet for optimal weight loss results.


Keto Shopping Spree Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on keto-friendly goodies from our allied brands.


The Self-Control Solution

An e-course focusing on cultivating a strong mindset crucial for your long term weight loss success. This program was created by an individual who lost and has successfully 300 pounds and kept it off for years!


Weekly Inspiration Digest

A weekly dose of inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. Each email is packed with moving success stories, invaluable tips, and encouraging advice to keep you motivated throughout your keto journey.


The Delicious Keto Snack Attack Recipe eBook

A collection of quick and easy keto-friendly snack recipes for those in-between meal cravings.

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Frequently asked questions

What Exactly Is Keto AI?

Keto AI is an innovative technology that employs artificial intelligence to formulate personalized keto diet plans, specifically tailored to align with your unique body composition, lifestyle, and preferences

How Is Keto AI Different From Other Diet Plans?

Unlike traditional diet plans that use a one-size-fits-all approach, Keto AI customizes your meal plans based on your specific needs and preferences, making it more sustainable and effective for long-term weight loss.

How Soon Can I Expect To See Results With Keto AI?

The time it takes to see results can vary depending on your starting weight and how closely you follow the meal plan. However, many of our earlier success stories reported seeing noticeable results within the first few weeks of using Keto AI!

Do I Need To Have Prior Experience With The Keto Diet To Use Keto AI?

No, Keto AI is designed for people of all levels, whether you're new to keto or have been following a keto lifestyle for some time. Our system holds your hand and guides you every step of the way.

What Happens After The Initial 8 Weeks?

After the initial 8 weeks, if you're thrilled, you can choose to continue with Keto AI. We offer annual plans and even lifetime plans. You can reach out to our support team when you're ready. You will not be rebilled automatically!

How Does The Money-Back Guarantee Work?

If you're not satisfied with Keto AI for any reason within the first 8 weeks, simply email us, and we'll refund your $8, no questions asked.

How Is My Privacy Protected When Using Keto AI?

We take your privacy very seriously at Keto AI. Your personal information is securely stored and will not be shared with any third parties. Our platform complies with all the latest online security protocols to ensure your data is protected.

What Kind Of Support Will I Receive?

As a member of Keto AI, you'll receive continuous support in the form of weekly motivational emails, a 30-minute one-on-one coaching call, and access to our community where you can connect with others on their weight loss journey.

Do I Have To Exercise While Using Keto AI?

Exercise can enhance your results, but it's not mandatory. We do provide a guide to recommended exercises.

Is Keto AI Suitable For People With Dietary Restrictions Or Allergies?

Our advanced algorithm takes into account your dietary preferences and restrictions to provide a personalized meal plan that suits you. But please consult your physician before starting any diet if you have allergies, restrictions, or concerns.

Is Keto AI Compatible With My Phone, Tablet, Or Computer?

Yes, the Keto AI software is web-based and works on any browser for any screen. You just log in, and you're good to go. That makes using it on the go simple and easy. You don't even have to print your grocery list; you can pull it up on your phone!

How Easy Is It To Use Keto AI?

Keto AI is incredibly user-friendly. The intuitive quiz makes setting up your personalized plan a breeze. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to navigate the platform and access all the valuable resources.

Automate your weight loss with this breakthrough technology

8 Week Custom Keto Plan Designed For You

4.8 based on 1000+ reviews

Available Now & ready for instant access

Order today for only $97 $8.00.  This special offer expires soon so grab it now. It's time to lose as much weight as you can in just 8 easy weeks for only $1.00/ week!

📦 Available For Instant Access

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