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Hello Again, this is Rachel.

First, I just wanted to thank you and say “Congratulations” again for registering your Custom Keto AI Software.

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So you are in the right place now.

You made a great decision, so congratulations again on taking action because a lot of people only talk a good game, but you should be proud of yourself for taking the action necessary to reach your goals.

So sit back and relax now...

Because you are going to discover the best FAST START secret for Keto success... drop those ugly fat stores off your belly, thighs, arms, face and other fat spots even much faster and easier...

Just like thousands of other people have.

For example, instead of reaching your perfect weight in say 3 months, now you can be at your perfect weight in only 1 and a half months. And much easier too.

Or if it would normally take you six months to be at your goal weight, now you can be your goal weight in only three months. And a whole lot easier also.


This is a remarkable breakthrough that very few people know about, and now YOU will be one of these lucky few people.

This overcomes what I call “The Real-Life Keto Problem” which is that there will be times where it is impossible to stick to your “No Carb” Keto Diet perfectly... when you are eating in a restaurant when you are at a party when you are out of town when you are stressed out

And because you are a human being with desires who is not perfect...

...You WILL occasionally give in to your carb cravings and eat a piece of bread, a delicious hot piece of pizza, or a fresh donut, a slice of your favorite cake or pie, or a plate of your favorite pasta.

This is just “real life” and a fact.

Normally, eating carbs like this would NOT be OK.

But cutting carbs out of your diet completely likely will result in carb withdrawals and cravings that are extremely hard to fight after a while.

But now, with this FAST START Secret... it's OK to eat carbs in these situations and not lose any of the power or momentum of your AI Keto Diet!

Yes, it's like having your cake but getting no carbs from it, and it's based on a clinical study conducted at the University of Geneva and published in The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition.

Soon you will be Like Louse Allen from Portland, who told me:

"I have lost 6 dress sizes and my XL pants are now all in the garbage. I’ve been doing this for a few months now along with my AI Keto Diet and I can’t believe how much weight I have lost. It felt almost effortless! I can finally fit into my favorite skinny jeans!”

So are you ready?

OK, great.

Here’s your FAST START Secret...

A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at how a particular “loophole” would influence weight loss results…. and the scientists found that it caused subjects to lose 78.3% more weight, as you can see in the following graph.

Scientific Reference: St-Onge, M. P., & Bosarge, A. Twenty-four-hour energy expenditure and urinary catecholamines of humans consuming low-to-moderate amounts of medium-chain triglycerides: a dose-response study in a human respiratory chamber. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 87(3), 621–6.

And who doesn’t want to lose weight twice as
fast and twice as easy?

That’s right. By using this simple and scientifically proven secret …

You can reach your weight loss goal in about HALF THE TIME it would normally take without this secret. And it will also be MUCH EASIER. And you will also be ENJOYING MORE CARBS than are normally allowed.

This secret works in synergy with your AI Keto diet plan
and requires absolutely no extra effort from you!

So What Exactly Is This "Secret" I’m Talking About?

I'll explain it to you in a minute…

…but first, I need to quickly explain WHY this secret makes you LOSE DOUBLE THE WEIGHT, and easier, and also lets you EAT MORE CARBS than is normally allowed on a Keto Diet.

As you remember, the whole point of the keto diet is to increase ketone levels in the body…

because having such high ketone levels causes you to reach a state called "ketosis"...

and ketosis is what causes your metabolism to shift away from burning carbs and sugar towards burning fat.

In Other words, Ketosis Turns YOU From a Sugar Burner
Into a Fat-Burning Machine!

Now, since the keto diet is literally designed to increase ketone production, it's easy to see why this eating style works so well for stripping off unwanted body fat.

No wonder the keto diet has already transformed the bodies and lives of millions of people worldwide.

But here's the problem:

While the keto diet is fantastic, it's not always easy to stick to.

You see, when you get started on your AI Keto Diet, I'm sure you can stick to the plan 80%, or even 90% of the time.

After all, if you weren't serious, you would have never made it this far.

But the issue – as I've found for both my clients and myself – is that sometimes, things don't go as planned.

I mean you and I are only human, right?

You may, for instance, not be able to maintain the low-carb intake due to a social event that involves foods and drinks.

Like at Work Parties, Family Get Togethers, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Birthday Parties.

Or, you may cheat and eat more carbs after a stressful day at work, something that can happen to all of us - and is nothing to feel ashamed about.

Or, there will be another reason where it's impractical, or downright impossible, to follow your AI Keto Diet perfectly.

Now, the problem is that indulging in some carbs will boot you OUT OF ketosis, which means you'll immediately switch from burning fat to storing fat.

That’s because with the carbs reintroduced into your system, your metabolism will start to rely on carbs and sugars again.

And thus, the incredible fat-burning benefits of the keto diet will come to a full stop. And this is the worst thing that could happen to you!

Worse yet, it can take days of carb restrictions before you're back into the optimal state of ketosis. Therefore, even though the keto diet is an extremely potent diet for fat loss… far the most potent one discovered by science thus far… If you do happen to slip up and consume too many carbs then your fat loss will be stalled…

But here’s the great news...

There is now a new breakthrough that completely overcomes this huge problem!

It’s the FAST START Secret you can use now to lose the fat almost twice as fast, and twice as easy... even when you eat more carbs.

Researchers in Europe at The University Of Geneva have discovered that if you take a certain nutrient dally...

You Will Still Get The Amazing Fat Loss Benefits Of Ketosis,
Even If You Eat More Carbs!

This is a huge, life-changing breakthrough for those of us who want to lose weight.

This “Magic Keto Nutrient” is scientifically proven to increase fat loss on a keto diet by 78.3%

Scientists found that by adding certain medium-chain triglycerides, also known as MCTs, to the diets of people, they lost weight on the Keto Diet much faster and easier, even if they ate more carbs!

You see, MCTs are a natural and healthy type of nutrient that your body can quickly and easily convert into more ketones in your body … ...even if you eat more carbs!

In other words, when you take MCTs daily, you will always be getting the most powerful effect of the Keto Diet for fat burning ...even if you eat more carbs occasionally.

The reason is: MCTs are converted into ketones in your liver, because they have the unique ability to pass through your body’s filtering system.

So if you consume these MCTs while you're already in ketosis, it will cause you to reach a deeper state of it…

And that deepened state of ketosis means more ketone production and thus even faster fat loss results.

This Means Your Metabolism Will Switch From Storing Fat To Burning Fat on A Much Deeper Level, So You Will Drop Your Unwanted Pounds Much Faster... And Keep Them Off!

It's truly amazing.

No wonder so many keto dieters already take this supernutrient.

Now, there is one problem:

Not all MCTs are created equal.

Many manufacturers supply cheap but poor-quality MCTs to make a quick buck, something that’s not only ineffective for fat loss, but also bad for your health!

That’s why it’s crucial that you invest in the right MCT product…

I searched all over the internet and in GNC and other stores and I could not find a ready-made, “off the shelf” supplement that was good enough to recommend to you, my beloved customer.

I was very frustrated. So I decided to do it myself. I formulated a quality solution based on the healthiest and most powerful ketone-boosting fuel in nature:

Coconut derived MCTs.

I put these MCTs into small capsules so that you can easily consume them, and I named this revolutionary supplement Bioslim Keto Accelerator.

Because, Well, It Accelerates Your Fat Loss Results Faster Than Any Other Keto Product I Have Ever Seen.

It’s incredible.

It's like you will have a brand-new metabolism.

Some clients even say they can "feel" their metabolism working faster and burning more fat…

Here are a few of the hundreds of comments I get:

Meet Some Happy Keto Accelerator SUCCESS Stories!

‘I have lost 6 dress sizes and my XL pants are now all in the garbage’

I’ve been taking your Keto Accelerator for a few months now in conjunction with my AI Keto Diet and I can’t believe how much weight I have lost. It felt almost effortless! I can finally fit into my favorite skinny jeans!”

Louise Allen - Portland 

‘The weight just fell off me, no hunger pangs, no binging, and no cravings’

“Rachel, I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You.’ I’ve managed to lose over 90 pounds so far and I’ve never felt better.

Your Keto Accelerator supplement is a ‘game changer.’

If I wasn’t losing weight so fast I would have forgot I was on a diet.”

Dennis Kemp - Austin, TX 

I’ve lost 110 pounds so far, your Keto Accelerator Is A God Send’

Over the years I had slowly crept from a petite 120 pounds up to a morbidly obese 300 pounds, it was really getting me down and I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror. Having tried and failed to lose weight many times I finally found success with Rachel's AI keto diet plan and have lot over 110 pounds so far! Keto Accelerator definitely played a huge part in my transformation and helped me lose the weight so much faster.

Barbara Holland - Florida 

Results not typical or guaranteed. We are in the process of conducting surveys to include typical results of our users.

Of course, with dramatic weight-loss results like these, it's only natural to be concerned with the safety of Keto Accelerator.

But there's no need for that.

As I mentioned, Keto Accelerator is based on naturally derived coconut MCTs of the highest standard...

...a type of nutrient science that’s both safe and linked to countless health benefits, including:

Enhanced weight loss…

Supercharged fat burning…

Increased metabolism…

Higher energy levels…

Improved workout performance…

Reduced appetite…

Improved brain performance…

** helps prevent the dreaded “Keto Flu”.

Plus more life-improving benefits.

That’s why countless clients and I myself take Keto Accelerator every single day.

Now, because you’re proven to be an action taker and since you’re now officially part of our AI Keto Family...

I want you to try Keto Accelerator yourself at a massive discount at these ‘TODAY ONLY SPECIAL SAVINGS PRICES”.

These special lowest ever prices are guaranteed for today only, or whenever they sell out, whichever comes first, so don’t delay and lose out.

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Your order is also 100% risk-free because you’re backed by an iron-clad, 100% satisfaction guarantee that works as follows:

Try Keto Accelerator for 60 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied, for any reason,
I'm happy to refund every single penny you have paid.

No questions asked.

There are no hoops to jump through or forms you have to fill out, and I promise we will still be friends.

Just let us know within 60 days send back your bottle and you'll get your money back.

It's that simple, which means there is no risk for you.

Sounds fair?


Then here is what I want you to do:

Select how many bottles you want below. Keep in mind the 6-month supply is the best deal, the biggest savings, and you won’t have to worry about running out or it being sold out.

From there, we’ll rush this amazing supplement to your home, and all you’ll have to do is consume two of these easy-to-swallow pills at breakfast.

Then, just eat according to your AI Keto Diet and go about your day as before.

If you do happen to consume a lot of carbs, don’t panic. Simply take two more pills and your body will revert back into ketosis.

That's all there is to it.

Your metabolism will turn into a fat-burning machine... and hour by hour, your body will burn off fat like crazy.

Even as you're relaxing or commuting to work, your metabolism will remain in high gear.

And even if you overeat carbs occasionally, you will continue to reap the fat-burning benefits of ketosis.

Quite Simply, This is The most fantastic keto weight loss “secret” you could ever wish for.

That's why I URGE that you take advantage of this "TODAY ONLY” special offer where you will save a lot of money and also be trying it 100% risk-free. 

The decision is up to you, of course.

But if, like the thousands of people who already went before you, you think you can benefit from Keto Accelerator.... then don't delay!

You'll never see this crazy offer again when you leave this page, so don't miss out! 

Also, remember you have a 100% money-back guarantee to decide if Keto Accelerator is what I promise it to be, so you can say "Yes" today and decide later. 

Even if you request a refund on day 59, you'll get your money back promptly and courteously. 

That means there is no risk for you and there's no way you can go wrong here.


Why settle for 'fast fat loss' when you can have 'supercharged fat loss' - simply by taking these daily Keto Accelerator capsules?

Why go through the AI keto diet program, throw your results away and go backwards

where your ugly belly fat returns, and you feel tired and terrible? You don’t want that, do you?

Instead, Speed Up and Protect your results with Keto Accelerator!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Keto Accelerator replace the AI Keto Diet?

No, Keto Accelerator is designed to work in synergy with your AI Keto diet to speed up the results by up to 78.3% by deepening ketosis and switching your body back from a 'sugar burner' to a fat burning machine even if you consume more carbs (this alone can take weeks off your weight loss journey).

After your AI Keto plan is completed, then you can continue to take just one Keto Accelerator capsule a day to lock in and protect your results.

Is it safe? Are there any side effects?

Keto Accelerator has been taken by thousands of folks with no reported side effects.

Where is Keto Accelerator manufactured?

It is manufactured in the USA with an FDA approved facility under the strictest of standards and under clean sterile conditions.
The facility is GMP certified, which is a very tough and meticulous standard for good manufacture. This ensures only the purest, most quality product is produced.

Can I get it somewhere else online or at GNC?

No, Keto Accelerator is only available online and is not found in any stores.

If Keto Accelerator was sold in stores, it would have to be at a much higher price per bottle to allow for retail profits. Because we only sell direct-to-consumer, you're able to get Keto Accelerator at a significant savings.

Get Ready To PROTECT & ACCELERATE Your Results With My "Foolproof" Upgrade Available ONLY On This Page (customers report an average 3 lbs EXTRA a week of fat loss when adding Keto Accelerator!)

Keto Accelerator is NOT sold in stores or on any other websites. The ONLY place you can get this breakthrough supplement is right here on this page today.

Get free shipping worldwide, including United States

One Time Fee - No Subscription!


30 Day Supply


Per Bottle

Add to my order - only {{price}}

$99 $69

Save $30.00



180 Day Supply


Per Bottle


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$594 $234

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